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My Book - Cross the Line [Feb. 10th, 2016|07:40 am]

I've written an original character erotic novel with spanking and some light ageplay. It's about a young woman who finds a family. It's been published at the website Blushing Books. The book is titled Cross the Line. If any of you end up getting it, I'd love it if you'd leave a review on the site.  If the link above doesn't work, try the link for the list of New Books at Blushing - for today at least, Cross the Line is at the top.

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Update at site [Jan. 23rd, 2016|11:31 pm]
Two updates in the past couple of days.
1) I've added the newest chapter of the 'Redeeming Grant' series from my guest author Hope1iz and her co-author Cat2000.
2) I've updated my site with a new story that I wrote with a friend. It's a fanfiction for 'The Flash' called 'A First Punishment'.

You can read them all on MY WBSITE
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Fic: Scorpion - Meidical Issues [Dec. 1st, 2015|07:15 am]
I've posted a new story over on the group Spanking_world. It's a fanfic for the show Scorpion written in response to a prompt. You can read it here:

Medical Issues

Or over on My Website
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Weekly spanking bank 11/8 [Nov. 8th, 2015|02:00 pm]

I guess I should just get used to the fact of being behind on my television watching since I watch so much of it. But that's why I put the episode numbers below - because I'm usually a week behind. Anyway, here's the list of stuff I watched, and the three ideas I had. Spoilers for the current seasons of Minority Report episode 7, Supernatural episode 3, and Elementary episode 1 under the cut.

Sat – none
Sun – Minority Report S1E6, Vampire Diaries S7E4, The Originals S3E4, Bones S11E5, Sleepy Hollow S3E5, The Blacklist S3E5
Mon – The Walking Dead S6E4, Supernatural S11E3, The Voice
Tue – Scorpion S2E7, Mike Tyson Mysteries S2E1,
Wed – none
Thu – The Grinder, Grandfathered
Fri – Big Bang Theory S9E7, Minority Report S1E7, Elementary S4E1, The Blacklist S3E6

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Weekly Spanking Bank 11/1 [Nov. 1st, 2015|10:17 am]

Here is this weeks list of stuff I watched, and the ideas/comments that came from it. Spoilers for the most recent episodes of The Walking Dead, iZombie, and Scorpion. And spoilers for the second to the most recent episodes of The Blacklist and The Originals - I'm behind on tv again, because I watch too much of it.

Sat – Gotham S2E5, Vampire Diaries S7E3, The Originals S3E3, AHS Hotel S5E3
Sun – Arrow S4E2 & S4E3, Blacklist S3E4, Flash S2E3, Grinder S1E4
Mon – The Voice,
Tue – Heroes Reborn S1E6, Sleepy Hollow S3E4, The Walking Dead S6E3
Wed – Big Bang Theory S9E6, The Voice, Scorpion S2E6
Thu – Gotham S2E6, iZombie S2E4, The Flash S2E4
Fri – AHS Hotel S5E4

The Comments and IdeasCollapse )
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Weekly Spanking Bank 10/24 [Oct. 24th, 2015|07:03 am]

I guess I didn't post this last week, so this is two weeks worth. I'm behind on shows again, so as of this moment I haven't seen the most recent episodes of Gotham, AHS, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, The Flash, Blacklist, Supernatural, Heroes, or 2 episodes of Arrow. So the ideas I'm talking about below are at least a week old. Hopefully I'll be catching up this weekend. :)

Below are spoilers for The Flash, Minority Report, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, The Blacklist, Arrow, AHS Hotel, Grandfathered, iZombie, and Gotham. A lot of it is just me commenting, rather than actually having spanking story ideas for all of these shows.

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FIC: Man from UNCLE - No More Lies [Oct. 11th, 2015|06:31 am]
My friend cat2000 and I wrote a fanfiction together for the movie Man from Uncle. Just a short little story with spoilers for the movie where Illya follows through with his threat to Gaby. You can read it at my website here:

No More Lies
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Weekly spanking bank 10/9 [Oct. 9th, 2015|10:12 pm]

Here is the list of stuff I watched, and the ideas that came from it. Spoilers for the most recent Gotham, Heroes Reborn, and The Originals.

Sat – Heroes Reborn S1E3, Riley Rewind (odd little movie)
Sun – Game of Thrones S4E6 & S4E7 & S4E8, Fear the Walking Dead S1E6
Mon – The Voice,
Tue – Significant Mother S1E9, Big Bang Theory S9E3, Gotham S2E3, Minority Report S1E3, Scorpion S2E3
Wed – Ncis S13E3, Grinder S1E2, Grandfathered S1E2, American Horror Story: Hotel S5E1
Thu – AHS Hotel S5E1 (a second time - I blame Matt Bomer)
Fri – Heroes Reborn S1E4, Vampire Diaries S7E1, The Originals S3E1

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10/3 Weekly Spanking Bank [Oct. 3rd, 2015|09:21 am]

Here's the list of stuff I watched, plus the two ideas I had under the cut. Spoilers for the most recent episodes of Fear the Walking Dead and Gotham.

Sat – Just before I go (good movie), Heroes Reborn S1E1 & S1E2
Sun – Fear the Walking Dead S1E5
Mon – Quantico S1E1 (done with this series), The Voice,
Tue – The Grinder S1E1, Grandfathered S1E1, Gotham S2E2, Significant Mother S1E8, Scorpion S2E2, The Voice
Wed – Scream Queens S1E2 (done with this series), Bastard Executioner S1E4 (done with this series) Minority Report S1E1, Big Bang Theory S9E2
Thu – Minority Report S1E2
Fri – The Blacklist S3E1, Sleepy Hollow S3E1

The IdeasCollapse )
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FIC: Teen Wolf Drabble - Parental Guidance [Sep. 27th, 2015|07:38 am]
Hi all,

A tiny drabble I wrote this weekend for Teen Wolf.

Author’s Note: This little ficlet takes place right after S5E5 ‘A Novel Approach’. This is what I wished had happened between Stiles and his dad after that episode.
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters, and I’m not making any money from this story.
Warning: Non consensual swatting of a teen by his parent.

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